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 Judith's 2012 class schedule:


Over the Top and Out of the Box

Beginners to Advanced

2012 Class Dates:

April 23 - 27

July 23 - 27

September 17 - 21

Classes will be geared toward individual needs!  We will be guided by your strengths and your weaknesses.  Beginners, please bring very good photos of previous work.  This will greatly aid me in helping you.  Those who have taken a previous class, please contact me for evaluating what you want or might need in class.  This way, I can make sure you have all your supplies needed to complete your desired project/s.
This will be a really fun class, so leave your fears and anxiety at home - you won't need them!  I specialize in one-on-one with my students, therefore, class is limited to ten students.

Five full days of must have teaching, PLUS an optional extra "Play" day on the Saturday following class for those who wish to join in on a day of "antiquing" and lunch with the gang.  You'll learn how to shop!  I know that all of you probably have a black belt in shopping, but I am going to give you some money saving tips on shopping for your sculptures to save the big bucks! I'll show you how to find treasures for your sculptures in the most unlikely places.  

If you've already purchased my videos and you feel that you would like some "live" instruction,
this class/seminar is for you, also.

This class is the most comprehensive instruction you'll EVER find!

Your mind and notes will overflow with all the information you'll take home. The seminar is conducted in my home in Dalton Gardens, Idaho. It's only about 45 minutes from Spokane (Washington) International Airport.

  • "Judith is a 'teacher's teacher'. I've learned more in 5 days than from any other videos or classes from other instructors."

  • "Judith met me where I was at . . . taught me what I myself needed; even showed me why I was making the mistakes and how to easily correct them."

  • "I was intimidated when I first came to Judith's class, but her humor and easy-going teaching style made me not only relax, but I had fun while I was learning more than I ever imagined about making a realistic sculpture."

  • "I went home from Judith's seminar with enough knowledge & ability to continue making wonderful sculptures. The previous instruction I had did my head for me, so when I got home, I realize I had a completed head but no workable knowledge of how to do it for myself."

Class instruction includes:

  • Learning the "simplified" anatomy of a realistic sculpted head, miniature to life size

  • Learn to sculpt/articulate realistic hands (including wrinkles, veins, & age spots)

  • Learn realistic facial expressions; teeth, tongue, wrinkles, even how to age the eyes using a color wash & veins

  • Learn the multiple ways to make easy armatures for your miniature to life size sculptures

  • AS TIME PERMITS, we will also discuss subjects on:

  • Marketing

  • Bearding & wigging

  • Shoes/boots

  • Solutions for those inevitable breaks & mishaps

  • Shipping

  • Photography

  • and more

Students will be supplied with a list of hotels/motels that are in close proximity to class.  This info will include price ranges, shuttle info, and rental car info.  Previous students have shared rooms and transportation to save on expenses.  If you wish to do so, contact me for assistance.  Many of the hotels provide breakfast with room accommodations.

Lunches during the week of class will be catered  with a menu provided on the first day of class. I will let you know the cost for the five days before class begins.  There will be an option for health conscious meals, please let me know if you would like that option. You are welcome to bring your own lunches.  Snacks and drinks will be provided in class.
Evening meals are students' responsibility.  Lots of great restaurants are close by, ranging from the usual fast foods to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Appleby's & others.

Materials that you will need to bring 

  • 3 to 5 pounds of Super Sculpey (this will give you enough to do a life size head and/or a set of hands).

  • All of the sculpting tools from the Anatomy of Age I: Sculpting A Realistic Santa Head (I will supply additional tools and makeup, as needed).

  • A list of questions you want answered, what project you would like to complete, and a list of marketing questions with which you need help.

  • If you have a challenge with bearding & wigging, and would like to work on that, please bring some mohair and a jar of Stik Flat glue.

  • Book - Drawing the Head & Figure  (Jack Hamm).

  • Camera and comfortable, casual LIGHT-COLORED clothing.

  • Set of glass eyes appropriate for the size of head you want to make.

A white or light-colored top must be worn in class to prevent colored fibers from collecting on the clay.

Materials I will supply:

  • Sculpting bases

  • Brushes

  • Micro brushes

  • Makeup sponges

  • Scalpels

  • Flexible ruler

  • Aluminum foil

  • Baby wipes

  • Motion lotion & cup

  • 3-ring binder for your notes, with charts & diagrams

  • Lists of supplies, tools, reference books, marketing info, supplier addresses & phone numbers, and more.

  • Drinks and snacks

Registration Fee:

$995.00 $599.00 ($300.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat, balance due before start of class.) Minimum class size is four people.  A seat cannot be reserved without a deposit. If you have any questions, call (208) 772-2200 or e-mail judith@jklawitter.com.

This will be the best class you will ever take and is a lot of fun, so look forward to having a wonderful time!

Sign up now; classes fill up fast!

2012 Class Dates:

April 23 - 27

July 23 - 27

September 17 - 21

Call Judith at (208) 772-2200 for information.
Mailing address for deposits (check, credit card numbers, or money orders):
Judith Klawitter Originals
7703 N Mount Carrol St
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815-9539

Can't attend a class, 
click here for information on 
Judith's sculpting video series
"Anatomy of Age."

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