"La Befana"  


How many people know that centuries ago, European countries, 
and parts of Russia, had a female version of Santa Claus? Judith's 
"Female Gift Givers" were the very focus of the 1999 "Better 
Homes and Gardens Santa Claus" issue. These benevolent ladies 
went by a variety of names depending on their country's folklore. 
For example, in Italy she is called "La Befana", and in Russia she 
is called "Babushka".

These female gift givers have their own heart-warming history. 
The grandmotherly characters were generally said to roam the 
countryside searching for the Christ Child. As they search, 
they give gifts to children hoping that one would be the elusive 
baby Jesus. Each sculpture comes with the history and story 
behind this benevolent lady.

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